Compare & Contrast Essay

The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell
Hunter Selby-Period 10

Getting trapped on Ship-Trap Island is an experience unlike any other, whether it’s in the book or the movie. “The Most Dangerous Game” was a short-story and was also produced into a movie with many different elements from the story. The characters, setting, and plot were different and/or changed from the written short-story.
In the movie, the main character, Rainsford, was the only survivor of a ship crash near the island. In the short-story, he accidentally fell off of his yacht when he was trying to look for a sound that he had just heard. After he fell, he swam towards the sound and landed on the island. In the movie version, General Zaroff has two servants in his household including Ivan, a character that was also featured in the novel. Once Mr. Rainsford arrives at his chateau, he is not the only survivor that has wondered on to Ship-Trap. Unlike the novel, he is the third survivor in the house, along with Eve Trowbridge and her brother Martin. Martin disappears on the first night of Rainsford’s stay.
After Martin disappears, Rainsford and Eve are introduced to General Zaroff’s pastime, and Eve and Rainsford go into the jungle for one night. In the book, Rainsford goes into the jungle by himself, and he has to stay away from the general for three nights. In both the movie and the novel, Rainsford makes it back to the chateau and kills Zaroff after he defeated him, and escapes the island.
In the novel, Rainsford eludes General Zaroff for all three nights, but stays in the jungle. On the very last night, he jumps off the cliff into the ocean and swims back to the chateau to murder Zaroff. But in the movie, Eve and Rainsford go into the swamp and make it back to the castle and murder Zaroff before escaping. Other than that, the setting is basically the same in both versions
There were many differences and similarities between the movie and the short-story version of “The Most Dangerous Game.” The setting, characters, and plot were very different from each other. Differences like extra characters or less setting, for example, led to very different and interesting versions of this story.

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